Hello world!

I am not going to start this with the whole, bio thing. There’s always time to look back. Right now, I feel like starting with the here and now. 

Ok, so as I start this blog, I am saying good bye to one chapter of my life and hello to another.

For the past 3.5 years, I have been the President and Principal Publicist of Blue Ice Entertainment, a boutique PR firm based in Brooklyn, NY catering to the Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment industries. Well, today I said good bye to all of that. Though during its stint, Blue Ice made a name for its clients and itself, it was time for a change.

About a year and a half into Blue Ice Entertainments formation, I began freelancing (and later working for) a boutique PR firm specializing in PR for the commercial and post production industries (these are your music and sound design, animation and visual effects companies, etc.) About 4 months later, I was offered a position. So now I was holding down a full time position and running a company. At first it wasn’t that difficult but things change.

I quickly rose through the ranks at my day job and just as quickly, Blue Ice Entertainment doubled its roster. So my hours went from being 9 to 6 (sometimes 7) to 20 hour work days. It was out of control! I was always tired, sick and cranky. And after nearly 2 years I had to stop. It wasn’t good for Blue Ice and it definitely wasn’t good for me. So today, 3.5 years later, I said good bye to Blue Ice Entertainment.

Ok. Ok. So I said I wasn’t going to be looking back, but I guess I had to do so a little bit to get to where I am now…starting anew. I haven’t left PR totally. I am going to be doing a project a two a month as a freelancer and continue working the day job (until it’s time to move on from here). But only time will tell.

So world, stay tuned!



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