The Plan– The Golden Rules of My New Freelance Life

Now that I have allowed myself to marinate on my actions this week in regards to my career, now it’s time to determine the next steps. It’s time to make a plan.Almost all my friends and family have been supportive of my decision to close Blue Ice Entertainment down. Everyone has made a point of telling me to do what makes me happy. So with that in mind, I have been sitting here trying to map everything out on paper. Here’s what I have so far:

  • No more than four projects a month (I need a life too).
  • Be honest with yourself and with the client (if the client is not being realistic about their PR goals, be honest and let them know).
  • Make time for yourself (it’s good to have a strong work ethic, but bad to be consumed by your work).
  • Network. Network. Network (just because you are freelancing doesn’t mean that you’re in isolation. Network with other freelancers, other publicists, fashionistas, lovers of cosmetics, music and life).
  • Be patient (remember not everyone is into working with freelancers. Sometimes it takes a minute to win prospective clients over. Be patient. Know you are good at what you do and everything is will work out in your favor).

This sounds more like I am giving a pep talk to myself rather than a plan hence the addition to the title of this post. They’re only five golden rules to follow. That shouldn’t be that hard. I mean there were only Ten Commandments and for the most part, I have those down pat (just kidding).

Wish me luck. 


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