A very “interesting” 60 Minutes

Originally I was just going to watch 60 Minutes (for those of you who are not familiar with the show, it’s the primetime telejournal on CBS) for the interview with the Mayor of New Orleans, but something (probably laziness) made me keep the television on Channel 2. All I know is that 60 Minutes has made me look at things a little more closely on so many levels.

For example, I was one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Mayor of New Orleans. From the coverage right after Katrina, he seemed like a cool guy who really loved his city. But after last night’s interview….all I can say is…wow (and that’s not in a good sense). I’m not even going to touch the “hole in the ground” comment he made to Byron Pitts, the reporter (Mayor Nagin has since apologized for that). But I am going to comment on the fact that Nagin could speak of a 68-story Trump tower and other luxury condominiums coming to Nawlins, but sad very little (except to pass the buck) about the clean up. I know he isn’t the only one to blame for what has happened. But I think the lack of leadership in the state of Louisiana as a whole is just adding to the joke that is being called a clean up.

And a statement made by another resident and political bigwig in NO is that it’s going to be a “white” city again. I guess to reinforce the point, 60 Minutes had to show us a picture of debutantes and their Klansmen (in full dress) escorts. What’s up with that? That whole segment was just crappy.

The other segments….were interesting, particularly the one on the science of sexual orientation. There has been research done showing that the more older brothers a young man has the more likely he is to be gay. No corresponding research for women. But there are some other interesting findings that make you wonder how the government chooses to spend our tax dollars.

Anyway, enough of my ranting. Check out the recaps on 60 Minutes’ website.



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