Fashion Week NYC– Spring 2007 Part 1

So with Fashion Week upon us in NYC, things are getting very busy in the NY PR Diva’s world.

Last night I attended the launch of NOLCHA (, and online fashion network of designers, models, photographer, stylists and others in the fashion industry. The event, which took place at the Maritime Hotel’s Hiro Ballroom, also served as a showcase for the Spring 2007 collections of Annie S Limited (, Royal T Clothing (, Dahvesee (, Fame Us Clothing (  and Crying Tears ( All I can say is HOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Kerry Bannigan over at NOLCHA for putting together a great event. For those of you outside of NY, look for a NOLCHA show coming to city near you! Check the site for more info.

I will be recapping my Fashion Week escapades for State of the Art and Culture Magazine ( Be on the look out for the article.



  1. Dahvesee’s line is wonderful. I was actually invited to attend the Debut show at Fashion Week but can’t attend due to a schedule conflict. I’m so sad that I missing all the action :(.



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