Fashion’s New Look?

New York said good bye to Fashion Week this past Friday with shows including Chado Ralph Rucci, Vivienne Tam, L.A.M.B. and the announcement of the winner of Project Runway (No spoilers folks. You have to watch the show!). Those of you in the New York tri-state area can catch the shows on the Metro Channel (I believe they will be showing them for another week or so). Europe is now gearing up for their Spring 2007 shows with shows in London, Milan, Paris and Madrid.


Now I know all of you fashionistas have heard the buzz about Madrid (if you are one of the few who haven’t, check out this article: Madrid started measuring the BMIs (the body mass indexes) of the model participants eliminating those whose height to weight ration was considered unhealthy. The organizers of Madrid’s Fashion Week has instituted a policy where overly thin models would be excluded from participating in the shows as organizers as a means of preventing low self-esteem and eating disorders among girls and young women. You know this came as a shock to the fashion world.


Agencies all over Europe (and the US and the world for that matter) are protesting the ban. But organizers in other major fashion cities are looking to follow suit. Organizers in Milan are working on a similar ban for their shows starting this month. A designer in Australia recently threatened to cancel her show when show organizers deemed her models too big (they were sizes 8-12) to participate in Fashion Week. The designer argued that the shows need to reflect their audience and target audience.


Fashion and beauty advertisers have also taken note on the changing face of the industry by featuring “real people.” I think everyone saw Dove’s print and television ads featuring real women with real curves.


Maybe this is the wake up call the Fashion World needed.


I wonder if this would fly here in the States?

Ironic enough, the new season of America’s Next Top Model premiers tonight at 8PM EST on the new CW network.




  1. I think there are a few models who aren’t emaciated, but have a low BMI. Most, however, probably don’t. I was always under the impression that body fat rather than BMI should be tested to see if someone is wasting away (or, on the other hand, obese).

    But nearly banning a designer for trying to show models who are sizes 8-12? Please. That’s just silly.



  2. Agreed. There are a lot of “normal” looking thin models. But then there are others that you have to wonder about. And as for the BMI…that has always been a measurement I have seen as flawed. People like Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan would be considered obese based on the calculations and we all know that neither athlete is obese.



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