Introducing Jason Douglas Griffin

JASON DOUGLAS GRIFFIN PAINTS AWAY THE PRETENTIOUSNEW YORK, NY. – In a time where painting has seemingly become obsolete in the art world, and artists care more about computer software than the quality of their brushstroke, everyone who decides to buy a tube of paint, or a horsehair brush, now considers themselves the saviors. Jason Douglas Griffin can’t afford a horsehair brush; he uses cheap synthetic ones. A tube of paint just seems like a waste; he often buys buckets of house paint. Often times he can’t stretch canvas, because in his world, canvas is a stretch. Griffin has grown accustomed to painting on other surfaces, such as arbitrary pieces of wood, or old abandoned doors. So, I guess he can be ruled out as the art world’s savior. Or can he?

“So many artists think that art is only for the intellect. I just don’t think that because you claim the title of artist, you have to be pretentious, or over the heads of everyone. I want my art to be accessible, and relative to everyday people, not just something for scholars to discuss over cigars and glasses of brandy”, jokes Griffin, “and it doesn’t have to lack sophistication to do so.”

Griffin will have his shot to test his theory of artistic accessibility, October 18, 2006, at the Broadway Gallery. The opening reception is from 6pm to 8pm. This is his first gallery showing in New York, but Griffin doesn’t seem nervous at all.

Griffin states, “I have been working so hard, and though I am excited, I believe I am still in phase one.”

At the budding age of 24, judging by his work, one would be inclined to agree with Griffin on that notion; there is much more to come from this young artist. Not only will his skill, his courage, and his foresight carry him, but also his humility will surely be the core of his longevity as an artist.

So again, could Jason Douglas Griffin be the savior of the art world? Who knows? One thing is for sure, even if he was, he would never admit to it. He probably wouldn’t even care.

-Jason Reynolds
Broadway Gallery
473 Broadway, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10013

Check out his show tomorrow, Wednesday, October 18th at 7:30 PM at the Broadway Gallery as part of the Joker: 10 Artists Questions Identity Exhibit.


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