Hollywood (A NY PR Diva Tale)

Everybody comes to Hollywood
They wanna make it in the neighborhood
They like the smell of it in Hollywood
How could it hurt you when it looks so good
— Hollywood (Madonna)

I guess Madonna said it right. Everybody likes it in
Hollywood (even if it is still in NYC). Last night my friend Mary and I went to two industry events. We spent the evening chatting, drinking, and people watching with a small group of friends who are also members of the industry.The very first event was hosted by Surface Magazine (www.surfacemag.com) and was an issue release party for their Avante Garde issue. We had a blast. We spent a few hours enjoying the creations at the bar (featuring Kettle One and 267 Vodka– We are feeling that Chili Pepper Vodka!) and meeting some interesting folks (hi Stuart over at Blondie’s Tree House (www.blondiestreehouse.com). Then it was off to event number two.

Event number 2…what can I say? I don’t want to name names but it was the premier for a new industry event night. Both Mary and I had RSVP’d and received confirmations days before. So, it’s all good right?….WRONG!

We get there are various PR companies serving as promoters for the event. Fine. I know how things go. I know the drill. Hey, I’m a publicist as well. So the door “divas” truly lived up to their name. Without even looking at the list, one of the young ladies dismissed us and denied us entry. After speaking to another young woman at the door, she politely went through her list and didn’t see our names. Asked us who we RSVP’d with and went to the other chica we had just been ignored by. Ok, she refused to look at her list.

Mary and I, not letting the attitude get us down decided to head home (it was nearing midnight anyway) when a friend of ours (hi Danny) called. “Where are you guys?” Danny was not hearing that we got turned away even though we RSVP’d. He sent his boss out to come get us. You know the Miss B at the door tried to cop serious attitude. Oh well…sorry for ya chica.So much for her trying to play Miss Hollywood. Doesn’t Miss B realize that if you work for a PR company and you are put on door duty you really don’t mean much? The lowest members of the totem pole end up on the door. Hello, been there done that. Get over yourself honey.

Inside, I had to laugh. For all the exclusivity and what not at the door. The party was full of behind the scenes folks (stylists, publicists, make up artists, wanna-be directors, etc.) No A-listers. So what was the deal? Who knows. All I know that the bartender made the fiercest martinis so far that night.

All and all, we had a blast. I partied like Diddy last night and will be doing so again this weekend doing our thing with some of the real A-listers of the industry.

Stay tuned for more NY PR DIVA tales.


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