Crazy Doesn’t Even Describe This Week….

Ok, I have been running around like a mad woman since Saturday. My new client, Mary ( and I have have been running all over the city as the socialbutterflies that we are. Here are the highlights from this week’s activities….

Monday: Jose Luis Victoria Fashion Show @ The Riverside Church
(Mary was the stylist for the show. Thanks to Tammy Gerardi, Jenny Maria, Joanne Joo and Nivia Prescod for assisting with the dressing.)

Tuesday: JLV Fashion Show After Party (Kisses to celebrity photographer Jo Lance) and the Shecky’s Shops (Greetings to handbag designers Marie Elanne, Zulema George and the folks at Gold ‘N’ Dulcinea).

Wednesday: TOD’s Party celebrating Derek Lam‘s appointment as Creative Director. Jolie Magazine’s Birthday Party@ Wish 26 hosted by Vivica Fox, NY Giant Antonio Pierce and HerGame2.

Thursday: Noir Showroom’s Annual Holidy Party (Greetings to Ashia Sims, Chuck Holiday, Sadatu of FemmeCat, Tiffany, Danny, Jesus and Erika– you all are definitely the life of the party!).

We are taking a break for a few days before we gear up for the next round of events next week.


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