A note about professionalism (or lack there of)

I’m still sitting here trying figure out how dumb people must think I am. Why do I say this? Let me tell a story about my (mis)adventures in Philly yesterday.

My client and I went to Philidelphia to do an interview for start up publication. I’m not naming names as I am not trying to be that callous (though in my heart of hearts, I would rip them to shreds). The night before we finalized the time and location for the interview and early the next morning, my client and I made the trip down to the City of Brotherly Love (or so they claim).

When we arrived, the reporter we were supposed to meet with was no where in sight. So we called and left a message. The logical thing to do (or so we think). We didn’t get a response. We waited for an hour (trying to give the benefit of the doubt that something might of actually happened to prevent the reporter from meeting). But again, no response. Mary and I made  ourselves busy for the next few hours trying not to lose a day (though we lost money that we were to make back in NY because we decided to go to Philly). And still no call.

When we finally returned home, I just happened to check my business email and notice that we got an email from the reporter saying that she waitied went home got our message and came back and still didn’t see us. But folks, still no call. Is it me or does she really think I am an idiot?

Thomas Edison invented the telephone in 1876. Based on the far advances we have reached since then with cellular phones, PDAs,  smart phones, etc, and of course the original invention of the land line, there is no way you couldn’t have picked up the phone and call. That’s the bottom line.

So, with all that said, Miss Reporter, that shit doesn’t fly. You and your publication are one of the most unprofessional and discourteous magazines I have ever dealt with. I really feel bad for the city of Philadelphia to have people like you representing it to the outside world..

Just my two cents on professionalism.



  1. Agree with your point on professionalism. People should realise the importance of effective and timely communication .. a phone call here would have simply avoided a lot of trouble to all involved.



  2. Blue N Blaze, you are so right. But the sad part is, she finally did call only after she had been put on blast. She would never have said anything at all. The excuses she gave were so weak. Just be honest. Say you forgot. I can live with that. But don’t come up with the whole the payphones didn’t work, you and your photographer’s cell phones were broken, etc. I was embarrassed for her.



  3. Sounds REALLY sketchy to me. It’s too bad that they couldn’t at least be professional. I just had to deal with a photographer the other day and he was totally unprofessional. I guess it’s just one of those things that’s as rare as 25 Carat diamond.



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