A note about Professional (Part 2)

For those of you who have been following my drama with a Philadelphia area publication. Well, now here’s where the mud-slinging begins.

The reporter posted a blog putting me on blast (for those who want to read it, visit it here on myspace). Mind you, she called me and emailed me up until yesterday asking if she and her husband (her photographer) can come to NY and interview my client. My client, Mary (check out her website), is a well established fashion stylist who really doesn’t need press in a publication such as the one here. We had met the reporter at an event in Philly and she asked to interview us for her new (only 8 months old) publication. We thought she was really nice and was impressed by what she was trying to do. Oh how wrong we were.

Well, here’s my response to the whole thing…..Keep in mind, she is STILL calling me.

I try to be the bigger person and bury any issues I have with people. I am always honest and upfront with my feelings about folks I deal with, things that are said and done, etc. Anything I say to and about you, I make sure to bring to you first before letting it out to the public. In my world, there is no such thing as talking about people behind their back. I guess it’s a Brooklyn thing…we come straight at ya with our grievances. With that said, I wish that others would do the same.

Don’t play games. We’re not in junior high anymore…or at least I know I’m not. Be grown and say what you have to say to me. And better yet, don’t spew lies and hate on your blog then email and call me begging to link up with me afterward. That’s so sixth grade and so passe.

So in response to your blog posting….May 2007 be a better year for you and your publication.


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