Fashion Week (as through the eyes of NY PR Diva)

The tents are up in Bryant Park and the editors and reporters are in the front rows along the catwalks forecasting trends for Fall 2007 (yes we are techinally still in Winter, but a true fashionista always looks ahead!). It’s Fashion Week in New York.

As I have been doing for the past few seasons, I am working backstage as a dresser as part of the GroundCrew (headed by Fashion diva Audrey Smaltz). I’ll be working at 7 shows this season and of course hitting up as many parties as I can.  I’ll do my best to take good notes about the fall looks, the models and of course the crowds.

So it’s Wednesday and I am just finishing up some work here before I head out tonight to the Y-3 fashion show which is being held off site this season up at Hunter College. But before I head out to that, let’s recap the goings-on so far this Fashion Week….

Saturday morning found me rising before the sun (literally, the sun didn’t rise until nearly 7 something in the morning and at that point my day had already started). I left the house at 6:15 in the morning to head out to Lacoste (we had a 7:30 call time and if you live in NYC, you know what the trains can be like early morning on a weekend). After stopping off to grab a coffee and a bagel, I headed to the Bryant Park to begin my day.

A few fellow Groundcrewers were already filing in and checking in with the supervisors for the show. The models were in hair and makeup drinking coffee, munching on danishes (yes they do eat real food) and relaxing. By 9:30 we were ready to start dress rehearsal which gave the dressers a chance to go through the quick changes and ask styling questions to the stylists and designers from Lacoste. With a great run through and the few kinks worked out. We were ready to go. The show started at 11 AM and was beautiful. Check out the pics from New York Magazine here. Pay particular attention to photos 8 and 38 as this is Gerogia, the model I dressed.

After cleaning up and getting the garments back in showroom ready order. My day ended at about 1 pm (which was fine by me as Sunday was going to be a busy day).

Sunday found me over at Bumble and Bumble on West 13th Street getting ready for the Sari Gueron show. For those of you who are familiar with Bumble and Bumble, they are one of the top hair salons in the city and an unlikely location for a fashion show. But of course, Sari Gueron, her staff and of course the GroundCrew, pulled it off. Backstage was incredibly tight as the storage area for the salon was also being used as a changing room for the models. Racks of clothing, make up artists, hair stylists, dressers, photographers and models crammed into a narrow space….it could try even the most patient of personalities. But like I said, the show went off rather well, despite starting nearly an hour late!
Check out some of New York Magazine’s pics here. I dressed Han, the model in photos 1 and 16.

Because the show started late, I ended up running late for my call time for Z Zenga show that was held down at the Cunard Building by Bowling Green. Those not familiar with the geography of Manhattan, Bowling Green is clsoe to the very bottom tip of Manhattan. It’s just off the water and that day it was ridiculously cold (the windchill was in the single digits and below). Rarely do I get a chance to dress male models. I think in all the years that I have been doing Fashion Week I have dressed maybe 2 or 3. This time I was working on a menswear line that was to die for. Z Zegna’s fall collection featured rich, vibrant fall colors in tweeds, wools and other materials that made the models we worked with look very smart and very sexy. I dressed a young man named Derek who was great to work with. A big fan of all types of music, I got a great rap and metal show out of him while we waited for the show to start. Right now, I can’t find images from this show online, but as soon as I do, I will post the link here.

I was supposed to head back up to the tents for Alexandre Terexov show, but changes in the schedule made it possible for me to skip the show and grab dinnera at Zen Palate in Union Square with my fellow Groundcrewers Charlene (a make up artist and well know Houston-area hairstylist) and Aida (native Brooklynite who is studying fashion and production down in NC). I got back home around 10 PM after being out in the “field” for about 12 hours.

Monday night, I was back at the tents for the Ellen Tracy show. Can I say that the backstage staff is one of the most pleasant of staffs that I have ever had to deal with? They offered us food and drinks while we were waiting for the clothing to come in so that we can prepare for the models. This time, I wasn’t assigned a specific model but as I floater I worked with a few. I assisted with Emina (lover her down to Earth personality), Sessilee (la Princesa Dominicana), Heather and one more model whose name escapes me at present. I loved this collection! Check out the collection here. I helped dress the models in pics 1, 2, 10, 12, 14, 28, 36, and 38.

Last night (Tuesday night) was a day off from the tents, but found me at the Style Salon ( a show featuring 3 up-and-coming designers) hosted by Inside Edition’s April Woodard. Others in attendance included former America’s Next Top Model Contestant, Tocarra (who was a correspondent for a fashion television news show), hip hop violinist Miri Ben Ari, Michael Knight and more.

I have about an hour and a half before I have to head out for Y-3. So this is my update for now.

Tah-Tah for now.


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