Last Night’s Show (Y-3)

Last Night’s Show Last night, Y-3 (an Adidas line) held their show at Hunter College–a very different venue for a fashion show. I believe the building actually housed the student center and an auditorium. So after traveling down to what seemed like the bowels of the building, I finally was able to check in with the rest of the GroundCrew and prepare for the show. I think this has to be the hottest (in terms of temperature) backstage out of all venues. I had to strip off half of my layers so I wouldn’t pass out. And the heat didn’t help the models any whose attire for the show consisted of heavy knits, fleeces and other fall/winter fabrics. But despite the heat and the backstage craziness (and starting the show late on the account of waiting for famed French soccer star Zidane to take his seat at the show), the show went wonderfully. I’ve been a big fan of Y-3 since I did my first show with them years ago. Definitely clothes I can see myself wearing. Check out the collection here. Also pay particular attention to the model, Gretia, who I dressed. She’s in pics #13 and #41.


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