Greetings from Vegas (finally!)

In the past two days I have criscrossed the country trying to get to Vegas. I flew from Newark to Dallas to Miami and ended my travels in Vegas. I feel like that hotel commercial where the family is singing “I’ve been everywhere…” But as most of you know, the weather has been a little crazy on the east coast which has forced traveler’s this weekend to go to some extreme mesarures to get to their destinations….oh well, I’m here right???

Spending the night in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport kind of had me on edge the past day. But I must admit it was nice meeting one of legendary Blues Artist BB King’s daughters (she was trying to get home ot Florida from Vegas by way of Dallas) and the group from the University of Florida who were traveling to All-Star and the couple from Britain who braved the crowds to finish their tour of the US. The flight from Miami here was nice. Got to see Terrell Owens on my flight (I definitely have to get an upgrade to first class on the way back home). Bumped into a few of the Harlem Globetrotters at the airport. But for now that’s all the star sightings I am going to reporter about. I need to catch up on some sleep before hitting the Strip tonight for the events.

But I made it folks. I’m here. Stay tuned!


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