This week is Tartan Week here in NY….yes, Tartan as in the print used in kilts. New York is celebrating Scottish Heritage Week with the Friends of Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland. You must be wondering why am I writing about Tartan Week. Well…simply because of the fashion show that took place Monday night. As part of theGroundcrew, I was in the center of the Scottish savoire faire, loving it.

Dressed to Kilt (www.dressedtokilt.com), billed as a Scottish Evening of Fashion and Fun, was a celeb-filled fashion show with a Tartan twist. This international showcase featured famous Scotts and many honorary ones including: Melrose (America’s Next Top Model), Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings), Robert Burns, AJ Callaway (formerly of 106th and Park, now of EXTRA), Kelly Choi (NYTV Presenter), Linda Hamilton, The Hedrons, Nicola McLean (Miss Scotland), designer Tinsley Mortinmer, CW 11’s John Muller, newscaster Stone Phillips, NCAA Gymnastics Champ Marshall Nelson, Nicole Romano, NY Giant Michael Strahan, Marcus Schenkenberg, Lauren Tempeny, Ivanka Trump, Conde Nast’s Gary Van Dis, and took place at Capitale (in the heart of Chinatown– I did say it was an international event). Victoria’s Secret even presented their tribute to the highlands with an ode to “the Highland Romance.”

My favorite part of the show? The wedding dresses. The name of the designer escapes me, but she presented 4 absolutely gorgeous wedding gowns featuring the tartan print (everything from the traditional to a very contemporary look), lending a bit of elegance to the affair.

To see some of the pictures from the event, check out the coverage from the Daily News.


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