Who said publicists were evil??? (Introducing Deanna Williams of Simmons Jewelry)

Yesterday afternoon found Victoria Agency CEO, Angela Hunte and me sipping oolong tea and nibbling on finger sandwiches at New York’s very chic Flatiron eatery, SAPA. What was the special occassion? Why the preview of the Simmons Jewelry holiday collections, of course! We had to let our inner little girls enjoy the spectacle of the diamond encrusted Hello Kitty pieces designed by the Baby Phat diva herself. But I will detail the collections in another post. This post is dedicated to another pr diva, Deanna Williams, publicist at Simmons Jewelry Company.

Recently, while purusing one of my favorite blogs last month, an interesting discussion began to brew regarding publicists. What started as someone’s rant about the lack of follow through by some of my fellow pr mavens, quickly changed to a gripe fest about how evil some of the ladies in Public Relations can be. Let me set the record straight…not all pr mavens can be pr divas. But one maven who definitely shines in the role of PR Diva is Ms. Deanna Williams.

Only two weeks into her role at SJC (but by no means green to the position as this diva was formerly on the PR team for Macy’s), Deanna is already shining. The quintessential hostess/event planner/PR diva is one of the best the Big Apple has to offer. Each guest was made to feel like a VIP. It was obvious that Ms. Williams did her homework on her attendees (she remembered that I was also a freelance writer and that Angela was a stylist herself as well). Deanna made a point of taking us on a personal tour of the Simmons collections, introducing us to each design expert at the various “station stops.” Deanna would do this for each guest. In her eyes everyone is important. That’s a lesson that some of our other pr counterparts have yet to master.

So for the media mavens and maestros that may be reading this entry, here’s to a lady who is truly on top of her pr game. Kudos and welcome to Deanna Williams.


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