Generra, Rag & Bone, Fashion Rocks’ Pre-Party and Charlotte Ronson’s After-Party

Yesterday was a crazy day to say the least. I had a 10:45 AM call time for Gennera whose show took place at Splashlight Studios. THe backstage for the show was actually really relaxed, which made for a nice morning. I, along with other Ground crewers, spent most of the time waiting for hair and make up to finish up with the models before we could dress them. (Question: why would you soak the models hair completely and then use a diffuser on a low setting to dry her hair? Keep in mind you have about 30 female models who need to be done and a show that has a set start time that has to be met as most of the attendees will be running back to Bryant Park for other shows. Oh well.) Inspired by a rocker chick, Pina Ferlisi, the designer brought back the hard edge of her patent leather bombers and eighties jersey minidresses. The only thing that made this collection stand out was the inclusion of metallics…otherwise, it was a decent collection.

After Generra, Charlene Spiller (Houston-based celebrity hair stylist and fellow Ground Crewer), Aidah, Naima and myself caught a quick bite before heading up to Cipriani for the Rag & Bone show. Now the Rag & Bone show, I really liked. Inspired by James Bond (think back to the days of Sean Connery), the show featured crisp, cotton mini-dresses, bikini’s and swimsuits reminiscent of the 60s and suits for men and women that were sexy and cute at the same time. To check out the full collection, click here. (I dressed looks 32, 33 and 35– which I have attached to this post).

Right after the show I had to high tail it back home to change and get ready for the evening’s festivities. Angela Hunte (the Victoria Agency) and I met up with rising designer Theo Hackney (Theo Courtnay) at the tents back at Bryant Park. We had RSVP’d for the L.A.M.B. show (Gwen Stefani‘s line) but with more invitations sent out then seats available, our waiting to get in was for naught. While we were waiting we did see Kelly from Cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Model and Vibe Fashion Editor Memsor Kamorake. But that didn’t upset us. We just headed over to Eyebeam in west Chelsea to the Fashion Rocks Pre-Party (the actual show will be televised on CBS on the 7th at 9 PM).

While we were there, we ran into Danny Rodriguez (my little honey over at Creative Exchange) and a few other designers friends. We spent most of our time chatting away and lounging on the extremely chic and very comfy white couches and sipping on some Pink Sparkling Wine. We caught the beginning of the live performance of Gym Class Hereos (but decided that since we were not in the teen and pre-teen demographic, we weren’t missing much). After spending a few at Eyebeam, Theo, Angela and I caught a bite to eat before heading over to Charlotte Ronson‘s Party, where her sister was the DJ spinning for the night.

Charlotte Ronson’s event had us heading back up to the Bryant Park area to go over to the Bryant Park Hotel‘s (right across the street from the part and hence the name) Cellar Bar. At that point, the party was starting to wind down, but we got a chance to see the Charlotte Ronson show on the big screens (I must say, I wasn’t impressed much as a majority of the collection reminded me of Catholic school uniforms except in bright colors). We spent about half and hour there before we parted ways and headed home.

Today has me at Thom Browne, Gottex and Akiko Ogawa. So stay tuned folks!

Rag & Bone, Spring /Summer 2008 Rag & Bone, Spring /Summer 2008 Rag & Bone, Spring /Summer 2008


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