Continued Fashion Week Round Up: Thom Browne, Gottex and Akiko Ogawa

Better late than never right?????

I have quite a number of shows to catch up on. I held off until the images were available to go along with this post. So here goes….

With Thom Brown moving up their call time to 12:45 (originally 2 PM) on the day of the show, I had to leave the home office a little earlier than planned. So with that said, I started my day over at Exit Art over on Tenth Avenue. Now for those of you who don’t know about Thom Browne, let me fill you in:

New York Magazine describes Thom Browne as “geekishly chic that it’s cool.” The line is know for slim lapels and slightly cropped and skinny trousers. This season he went very couture with beachwear meets the skinny suit. The collection included pieces with very detailed floral adornments and slats that are reminiscent of the car wash ((you have to see the pictures to get the full effect). To see the full collection, click here (I personally dressed the model in looks 22 and 49 which I have attached here). Any interesting collection, to say the least.

After a nice stroll over to the tents for Gottex, the Israeli swimwear collection, with Lana (resident Trinidadian fashionista diva), we enjoyed some gourmet sandwiches and water as we waited for our call time (it definitely pays to be early).

A mixture of Carnival meets superhero, Gottex was definitely a highlight for my first week of shows. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find images of the whole collection for everyone , but I did find two images of the model I dressed online. She had a total of 4 looks, but I must admit these were the best two (the purple suit was my favorite).

We quickly packed away the swimsuits, shoes and accessories and headed to another section of the tents for Akiko Ogawa.

This year, Akiko Ogawa took inspiration from Greek art and sculpture. Great clothing in an incredibily tight space. With hair and makeup, press, models, dressers and general folk back stage, it was a tight fit. But it was a great show. Unfortunately, finding images from her show (and particularly those of the models I worked with) has been difficult. But here are a few I found online.

With three shows that day, I was beat.

I will be posting more very soon.


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