Beauty at All Costs (The Real Price of Beauty)

I’ve been debating whether or not to write about the recent passing of Donda West, mother of hip hop artist and producer, Kanye West. Sadly, Ms. West passed away during a cosmetic surgery procedure a week ago. She left a legacy behind as an educator (she was a retired professor and Chair of the English Department at Chicago State University), author and a supportive mother who helped her son’s career blossom. She died at 58. To find out more about her, read People Magazine‘s commentary on her here.

Now the news of Kanye’s mother comes on the heels of a disturbing story I saw on Entertainment Tonight. The rare times that I do get to watch this program (with my schedule right now, I rarely am home before midnight), it always surprises me some of the celebrity stories they feature. The featured a young woman named Jenny Lee who became a household name after being feature on Oprah as a woman who was addicted to plastic surgery. Nearly seven months after she had a full body lift, Jenny finds herself six months pregnant and scared about the health of her unborn child. According to doctors, because the her skin is so tight, her unborn child may not have enough room to grow (meaning she may not be able to carry to term). Mind you this woman has had over 30 surgeries in her life and she is only in her late twenties! (Check out the info from ET here. )

And recently an Israeli model recently passed away from anoxeria weighing less than 60 pounds.

When is enough, enough? I mean why are we so willing to give up so much just to be beautiful (or at least what someone else may think is beautiful)?

Kanye West and his mom


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