It’s 2008 and I said I was going to be working on big things for Sapphire Stylez, my personal shopping and image consultation company. Check out the news here…

I recently took on the position of the Hugo Boss/Max Mara Weekend Specialist in the newly revamped bridge sportswear department at Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square. A major part of this big change is a personal shopper/clienteling aspect which has each specialist giving clients one-on-one personalized attention to help them reach their shopping goals by making the process much easier. The great thing about being in Herald Square is that I have access to clients from not only here in New York but from across the country and around the world. One of my new clients is a young attorney from Chicago named Devyn Cook.

Devyn came into Macy’s on Sunday in search of an outfit for an interview she was doing on the Today show the next morning. She had brought outfits from home, but was looking for the perfect outfit to help showcase the new Devyn. She had recently lost 165 pounds and was being showcased as the newest member of the Today Show’s Joy Fit Club.

Devyn at 331 poundsD

I spent about 2 hours working with Devyn and pulling sexy, stylish dresses from a variety of designers including DKNY, T Tahari (an exclusive brand at Macy’s developed by the Elie Tahari design team), Kensie, and BCBG Max Azaria. She settled on a cute black dress from BCBG. Because the dress was a little low cut, we paired it with a cute leopard print (animal prints are a trend for spring) cami by Jockey. I event took the time to find a cute lime green (prettier than it sounds) twin set for her mom from Jones of New York (which was a good thing because at the very end of the segment they pulled her parents on stage). They looked great!

Devyn Today at 166 pounds

Click here to watch Devyn’s segment from the Today Show’s Joy Fit Club.
You can learn more about Devyn and her amazing journey here.

To find out more about Sapphire Stylez, visit my other blog at



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