An Apology to Chrisette Michele

Instead of detailing my exploits since my last post, I feel the need to send a heartfelt apology to recording artist Chrisette Michele. Before you get the wrong idea, I didn’t do anything personally to her, but after the events of last night, I can’t help extend the sentiment to her.

Last night, a group of friends and I made a trip to Manhattan’s Lower East Side to the hotspot, Boucarou for Vibe Magazine’s VSessions featuring R&B sensation, Chrisette Michele. Sponsored by Seagram’s, the event started off perfectly. The deejay was spinning a great mix of old skool and new school hip hop and R&B. The crowd was on the dance floor and the drinks were flowing.

About an hour after the doors opened, Chrisette took the stage. She began to croon. Unfortunately, those of us who actually came to see her perform could barely hear her due to the crowd. Many of the “guests” felt that their conversations were more important then Chrisette’s performance. So after only one song, she walked off the stage. My friends and I were shocked and dismayed to say the least. One of my girlfriend’s, Nivia, was so angry that she actually got on stage to ask the crowd to show the artist some respect. The crowd ignored her and continued to chat away. It wasn’t long before the deejay started spinning again. My friends and I were so turned off that we just left.

So many things annoyed me about last night’s occurrences. Firstly, the reason for the event was to see Chrisette Michele sing. If people felt the need to carry on conversations, then why come to a concert? But I think the thing that shocked me the most was that no one (not any one from Vibe, the venue or even Chrisette’s team) made an attempt to quiet the crowd. Nivia has no connection whatsoever to Chrisette or Vibe Magazine. She’s a fellow publicist and a fan of the artist…that’s it. Why was she the one to take the initiative to say something– and even after she did, no one even stepped up to reinforce her efforts. How do you produce an event where the crowd is showing little or no respect (or courtesy) for the performer and you don’t say anything? Are you for real?

So in the end, I felt the need to extend a heartfelt apology to Chrisette Michele for the blatant disrespect shown to her by not only the crowd but by the folks that her brought to the venue to perform. Chrisette, you are truly a talented artist who deserves so much better. My sincerest apologies.

For more info about Chrisette Michele, visit her website at



  1. I would love to comment on this night…I must say that I was completely shocked at most of the audiences lack of respect for Chrisette Michele as an artist. AND the fact that this was a FREE event, made it even more unbelievable that anyone could be so disrespectful of such incredible talent. What I hear in my mind is the infamous line by Erykah Badu…”I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit!” I felt so bad that New Yorkers would do such a thing, because we usually have THE utmost respect for REAL artists “big” or “small.” I would love to see her perform in the future, and hope that I have the opportunity.

    Peace & blessings, Chrisette! Keep doing you!!!



  2. I feel like VIBE should of presented her correct. Like they did other artist. This lady did not have a stage, She just sat in a chair and started singing. WTF??? Where is her announcement.. How do u walk in a loud ass crowded room and start singing… U couldn’t”t even see her. I pushed by so many people to get this footage.

    An artist is supposed to command their audience



  3. NN, the event was organized by Vibe Magazine.

    Jintrovert, I agree that an artist must command her/his crowd, but that same crowd should also extend respect to the performer. It’s like when a speaker is heckled while given a speech….that isn’t respectful either. You don’t have to agree with the viewpoints, but the person has the right to speak.



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