I must admit that 2009 has been an interesting year for me so far. Most of it was spent looking at how things have been going so far and what i can do to improve upon or change them. I must admit that kind of took me off the social radar for a while, but I’M BACK!!! And with a renewed zest for all things fashion, beauty, entertainment and of course PR. It’s been a minute but I plan to make up for it royally. With that said, let me get to it.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call out of the blue from an old friend, Nailah Lymus, the design maven behind the very feminine retro line, Amirah Creations. After chatting it up for a while, we decided it would be perfect to meet up that night at SHE-Blogs’ event at shopping mecca Saks Fifth Avenue’s Cafe SFA.  I had a blast.

Hosted by Power 105’s Free (also an alum of BET’s 106th & Park), the event paid tribute to the creative genius behind SHE-Blogs, Allyson Leak. Special guests included the Executive Director of the Women’s Center for Education and Career Advancement (WCECA), Merble Reagan, Cultural Critic/Writer Michaela Angela Davis, Author & Co-Founder of Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN) andHGTV personality  Lauren Lake, and DJ/Founder of Black Girls Rock Inc. Beverly Bond (who also spun a great mix of Michael Jackson tunes, R&B and Hip Hop). Each one of these great women offered guests words of wisdom and inspiration about going forth and blazing their own trails in today’s world (definitely something I needed to hear last night).

Also seen on the scene were: Ngozi of Brooklyn’s Harriet’s Alter Ego, hot new jewelry designer Marc Clark, Maryam Basir of Biz Magazine, MTV’s Sway, and Elise Elliot of Amirah Creations and many many more. The event was sponsored byBelvedere Vodka, Sak’s, NARS and Allyson’s jewelry line Ally Marie Couture Jewelry. Definitely a good time was had by all.

But just to touch a little more on Allyson Leak and her phenomenal blog, SHE-Blogs.com is what this blog aspires to be. As Allyson herself describes it, SHE-Blogs “is dedicated to helping women all over the world become in love with life….You deserve a successful job that you adore, a great personal life, and financial abundance. SHE-Blogs can serve as an inspirational road map filled with interviews from amazing entrepreneurs, great beauty advice, and empowering articles.” Continued success Allyson on SHE-Blogs and all your future endeavors.

More to come…..



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