Atlanta-based Gemini Magazine is Poised to the Full Figured Community By Storm

ATLANTA, GA—APRIL 19, 2010 –Since the demise of Mode Magazine in September 2001 there has been a void in the publication world that many have tried to fill, but no one has done successfully. An often overlooked demographic but one with huge buying power, the plus-size/ full-figured women are calling for a publication that caters fully to the needs (fashion, beauty, fitness, wellness, etc) of the community. Atlanta-based publication, Gemini Magazine (www.thegeminimagazine.com), is answering that call.

“I knew I was more than my curves,” says Sommer Johnson, Publisher of Gemini Magazine. “How many other women were out there felt the same?  How many other curvy gals had been told from a young age beauty was a size 8 and under? Those boundaries needed to be broken. Gemini Magazine is leading that charge!”

Born of Johnson’s pride, love and heartache, Gemini Magazine is making the moves to continue blazing the trail set its predecessor and taking the publication and the plus-size community beyond.

For more information and to view the current issue of Gemini Magazine, visit: www.thegeminimagazine.com.


Gemini Magazine is an Atlanta-based lifestyle publication catering to the plus-size/full-figured community. Created by publisher Sommer Johnson, Gemini focuses on more than dressing the fuller figure but on all issues and topics facing the community in general—from health and wellness, to fashion and beauty to travel and entertainment and family and relationships. With a focus on an often overlooked demographic, Gemini Magazine is breaking boundaries and filling the void in the magazine world. For more information about Gemini Magazine, visit www.thegeminimagazine.com.


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