PS I LOVE YOU: North Carolina-based Natural and Certified Vegan Beauty Line Launches “Thank You” Promotion for Those In The Armed Forces.

DURHAM, NC – SEPTEMBER 29, 2010 – Just in time for the gift-giving season, Chaundra Smith, Founder of Naturally Me (, the natural and certified vegan beauty line,  introduced their newest promotion, To Soldiers with Love. Featuring a handmade gift set, To Soldiers with Love was created as a token of appreciation and gratitude for the sacrifices the men and women in the Armed Forces make each day while they serve and protect our country.

“I started ’To Soldiers with Love’ to uplift the spirits of the men and women serving in the Armed Forces,” said the Naturally Me founder. “A lot of them sacrifice a lot by leaving their families. I just wanted them to know that they are appreciated.

Each gift set includes two bars of Natural Soap and a two ounce version of the All Over Butter. When you purchase a “To Soldiers With Love” gift set, you will receive a bar of Natural Soap and a 2oz All Over Butter. The other bar of soap will be collected along with a handwritten note of appreciation and gratitude for the soldiers. When enough bars of soap are collected, Naturally Me will send the “care package” to a company in one of the branches of the Armed Forces.

Gift sets are currently being pre-sold through the Naturally Me website for $15 until October 2nd. Beginning the 3rd, the gift sets will be sold at full price for $17. Packages begin shipping on October 9th.

If you would like your company or a loved one’s company to be the recipient of To Soldiers With Love, please email us at


Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you MUST make lemonade. That’s what Chaundra Smith did in 2008 when she took her passion and turned it into a profession after being laid off. Looking at the situation as one door closing and another one opening to a new opportunity, Chaundra created Naturally Me, a natural and certified vegan beauty line.

Naturally Me makes products for bath and body for the entire family….including pets! The collection of products are still handmade with the finest natural and vegan ingredients with a touch of love by Chaundra and her staff. For more info about Naturally Me, visit