LIVING IN THE AGE OF HIV/AIDS: The Black Girl Project Hosts Workshop & Round Table Event To Bring Awareness and Prevent the Spread of AIDS/HIV Among Young Women Of Color

Aiesha Turman, the Brooklyn-based educator, activist and founder of the non-profit organization, the Black Girl Project
(, announced today that she will host a one day workshop entitled “Prevent…Not Manage: Women of Color on AIDS/HIV,” geared toward educating young women of color about AIDS/HIV and preventing the spread of what has now become an epidemic hitting the community.  The event will take place on Sunday, December 12th at Center Stage New York (located at 48
West 21st Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan).

“Women of color are under siege within their own communities and society at-large,” says Turman. “With no comprehensive sex education in many cities, such as New York, and with the high visibility of advertisements for antiretroviral drugs, it is time for direct action targeted toward those most affected by the disease.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 64 percent of the women who contract HIV/AIDS are African American.  This startling fact is the force behind for The Black Girl Project’s continued campaign that began with last year’s Internet-based PSA, ”Prevent, Don’t Manage HIV/AIDS,” which will also be screened at the event.  Geared specifically to the largest segment of the
population affected by HIV/AIDS, the two hour event has drawn notable panelists including Bianca Laureano, a noted sex educator, sexual health advocate and representative of Love Heals. Delivering the keynote address for the workshop is Carmen Mendoza, Miss Kings County 2011, whose platform focuses on de-stigmatizing getting tested and teaching other methods in the
preventing the spread of AIDS/HIV.

All proceeds from the event benefit Love Heals and The Black Girl Project After School Initiative.

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