Brooklyn filmmaker Enlists Kickstarter to Further Efforts For Girls In Need 

Great ideas aren’t born, they are nurtured. That’s the mindset that Aiesha Turman, producer-director of The Black Girl Project ( who announced today the launch of a fundraising effort using social media platform, Kickstarter (

In the three years since Aiesha began working on the film, it has made inroads in the New York City, DC and Phoenix, communities and is ready to expand its reach. But with any work destined to make a mark in a community, funding is needed.

With a goal of $8000 in mind, Aiesha Turman has enlisted the help of Kickstarter. The money raised will go toward expanding the formats of the film and the curriculum, which explores the themes of family, obstacles, dreams, love and relationships—all issues tackled in the film. The film, curricula and the Black Girl Project book, a behind the scenes peek into the creation of the film, will be used to build critical thinking, inspire dialogue and empower young women and girls.

“The Black Girl Project is just a small, but vital piece of the puzzle to help ignite change and empower young women,” said Ms. Turman. “ I’m passionate about it and the potential of all that it has.”

To view the details of the campaign or to donate, visit



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