NEW YORK CITY—April 2011—New York-based fashion designer, Christine DeAngelo ( recently appeared on famed author and cancer survivor,  Marybeth Maida’s radio show, Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls ( , where she shared Spring fashion tips for women currently undergoing chemotherapy. The show airs nationally every Sunday at 9 AM on the Business Talk Show Network.

“It is such an honor and privilege to work with these two amazing women, Marybeth Maida and Debbie Kiederer, and play a role in helping women find the courage and strength to overcome this disease and at the same time feel beautiful doing it,” said Christine DeAngelo.

Based on Maida’s book of the same name, Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls began airing in December of 2010 and is co-hosted by beauty industry veteran, Debbie Kiederer. With a mission of hope and empowerment, Beauty Pearls is a weekly program that talks with experts, survivors and their supporters about ways to cope with the challenges of chemo on both a physical and mental level. Christine DeAngelo was one of the original experts interviewed for the book which was published in September of 2009.

With an emphasis on giving back, Christine DeAngelo will be using a percentage of the profits for gifting the books, “Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls”. It is the designer’s mission to help as many women feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside no matter what they are going through. 

Reprising her fashion advisor role, DeAngelo gave tips to listeners on how to sport some of the hottest spring trends, how to update their wardrobe without spending a dime, and tricks of the trade. Christine’s segment originally aired on March 27th at 9 am.  Podcasts and archives of the show can be heard at or on Christine’s new site,


It is old-fashion meets new fashion.

Christine DeAngelo is a better contemporary line of cocktail and evening dresses that incorporate original vintage elements with a modern twist. Launched in 2011, by New York City-based designer, Christine DeAngelo, the new line was created for women ages 20-48 who are confident, strong, powerful, intelligent, intriguing, eco-conscious and exude a “nothing can stop me” attitude.

With an emphasis on environmental consciousness, Christine DeAngelo re-uses actual vintage pieces, thus reducing the amount of “new” materials that need to be produced, conserving waste and making this an eco-friendly collection. For more information about the line, visit