New York-based Atelier Adrian Alicea Haute Couture Debuts its Second Collection During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week


NEW YORK CITY—August 2011–  The House of Adrian Alicea Haute Couture (www.adrianalicea.com) announced today that its Spring/Summer 2012 collection will debut during New York’s famed Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Featuring the brilliant designs of Adrian Alicea, the highly anticipated fashion showcase will take place on September 15th  at Landmark on the Park, located at 160 Central Park West in Manhattan.

Adrian Alicea has been a fixture on the New York fashion scene for nearly two decades but only recently has he stepped out to showcase his work under his own name. Exuding an unwavering passion for his craft, Alicea focuses on living his mantra of extraordinary style through innovation and individuality. His goal is to attract various types of women based whose primary fashion focus is to enchant and convey sophistication. She is not afraid to experiment and discover a new fashion path. The House of Adrian Alicea Haute Couture offers, sexy silhouettes designed to flatter the feminine form.

Drawing inspiration from such design icons as Alexander McQueen and his love of nature, Adrian seeks to create art that every woman can use to express who they are.  It is this burning desire that continually pushes his work to the forefront.

“Inspiration for this collection took me back to my travels through Brazil and Puerto Rico and their thick, lush rain forests,” said head designer and atelier CEO, Adrian Alicea.  “I had a rare opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of nature up close, especially the bright and vibrant colors of the birds– the brilliant red ,blue and orange colors within the macaw, the clean pure white of the cockatoo, the velvet-like sheen on the feathers of the toucan, the soft yellow hue of the canary– all of which paint the sky with their exquisite wings and display not only beauty but sensuality and strength.  These perfect specimens served as the motivation for my collection which is entitled ‘Erotic Birds,’ a journey in the exotic.”

Alicea’s work has been seen on such entertainment and fashion greats as Linda Evangelista and Melba Moore. The beauty and iconography of his designs have been captured by famed photographers Stephen Meisel and David LaChapelle (who included Alicea’s pieces in his famed coffee table book).  Mr. Alicea continues to be a much sought after designer and has been featured in countless magazines over his career including Russian Vogue, In Style, Flaunt, Marie Claire, Numero, L’oumo Vogue and GQ.

Adrian Alicea’s Fashion Week presentation is attracting a lot of attention from new and old fans alike including confirmed guests: Melba Moore, Kelis, Kevin Aviance, Amber Rose, YaYa and Linda Moran. For tickets or to RSVP for the House of Adrian Alicea Haute Couture show, please emailmoi@adrianalicea.com. For press inquiries, contact Tamara Walker at 347.827.1284 or via email at tamara@nyprdiva.net.

Based in New York, Adrian Alicea has been showcasing his distinctive designs to the world for nearly two decades. Alicea is truly stitched into the fabric of the American dream. Hailing form a family of twelve, Adrian moved from a humble home in Puerto Rico to a modest apartment in the Bronx with seven of his sister and two brothers.  It is his family that has often inspired and served as the support for his passion for fashion.

It is this unwavering passion coupled with his extraordinary style that has made Adrian Alicea a much sought after designer. With his creations captured by such photography greats Stephen Meisel and David LaChapelle, Alicea’s creations have graced the pages of Russian Vogue, In Style, Flaunt, Marie Claire, Numero, GQ and L’uomo Vogue. He has outfitted such entertainment and fashion icons as Linda Evangelista and Melba Moore. Now under his new self titled collection, Adrian Alicea continues to bring his edgy and distinctive style presence to the fashion world.

For more information about Adrian Alicea and the House of Adrian Alicea Haute Couture, visit www.adrianalicea.com.


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