COUTURE TOURS BROOKLYN: Nailah Lymus Opens New Couture Fashion Boutique in Willaimsburg

BROOKLYN, NY–  April  2012—New York based fashion mogul, Nailah Lymus, announced today the grand opening of her newest venture, Tour Couture Boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  A high end retailer showcasing independent designers from around the tri-state area, Tour Couture is set to open to the public on April 21st.

“Tour Couture boutique is a long awaited dream come true– a couture ‘HTT (head-to-toe)’ boutique showcasing numerous noted fashion designers,”says owner Nailah Lymus. “Fashion has always been inspired by different cultures and traditions and this store is a true experience of worldly fashion with a focus on diverse countries and cultures.”

Based on a global fashion theme, Tour Couture Boutique features wearable art hailing from a plethora of diverse and influential cultures. The various beauty brands, clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats and other accessories have origins from Tibetan, Moroccan, Japanese, Native American, French, African, Mexican and Indian fashion. Each of the brands featured in the store have been hand selected by Nailah Lymus herself and have been exhibited their collections at major industry events including New York Fashion Week, Miami International Fashion Week, Couture Fashion Week, Caribbean Fashion Week and more.

More than a retail venue, Tour Couture will also provide a space for industry professionals to hone their craft. One of the most unique features of the boutique is an actual in-house photo studio available for rent.  Also, Tour Couture will routinely invite both new and established fashion stylists to display their talents in the store’s front windows as well as throughout the sectioned displays within.

Ms. Lymus and the staff of Tour Couture Boutique invite the public to shop the unique fashion offerings at their new location at 1083 Broadway (between Lawton and Dodworth Streets). Festivities begin at 1pm.


Located in the trendsetting Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, Tour Couture is a high end boutique specializing in global fashion. Featuring “wearable art” and beauty products from Native American, African, French, Japanese, Tibetan, Moroccan, Indian and Mexican cultures, Tour Couture brings unique pieces from independent designers worldwide. But more than a fashion retail venue, the boutique serves as a venue to showcase the talent rising and established industry experts with an onsite photography studio for editorial and commercial work.


Brooklyn-based Nailah Lymus is a budding fashion mogul who is quickly making a name for herself in the industry. The creator and head designer at the apparel and accessory brand, Amirah Creations, the self taught designer’s work has been featured on the pages of Harper’s Bazaar and on the runways of New York, New Jersey and Couture Fashion Weeks. This year, Nailah expanded her brand and embarked on two new ventures that have further solidified her mark within in the fashion world. In February, Lymus launched Underwraps, the first Muslim female modeling agency and then in April, she opened her first couture boutique called Tour Couture in the trendy Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. For more information about Nailah Lymus, visit


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