The Phunky Elephant is located at 1271 Bay Street in Staten Island

NEW YORK, NY—JUNE 2013— Born and bred in New York, famed chef, Shehu (pronounced SHAY-U) Fitzgerald is returning home. The 2011 winner of the Food Network’s competitive cooking program, Chopped, Fitzgerald recently opened a high end eatery called the Phunky Elephant ( in his hometown of Staten Island. Located at 1271 Bay Street, the Phunky Elephant is a gastro pub that specializes in high quality, fresh and seasonal cuisine. On Monday, June 24th, Shehu will be hosting a grand opening event to celebrate his newest venture.

Expanding on the concept first developed by the British (two distinct menus served in two separate seating areas), Fitzgerald presents a unique spin on the idea of a gastro pub with a menu of “Twisted American Cuisine”—American comfort food taken to another level. Seasoned with his own deliciously blended spices from his newly launched line, The IllChef, Shehu has created a tantalizing bar menu featuring his unique take on some of America’s favorite dishes. With a rustic pub setting, the Phunky Elephant offers patrons a relaxed yet upscale feel with two seating areas that presents a choice of a cozy, intimate culinary experience in the dining room or a more upbeat atmosphere in the main room.

New York’s food enthusiasts and tastemakers are invited to experience an evening of cocktails and decadent crudités creations. Guests get to mix and mingle and sample the Phunky Elephant’s offerings. Festivities begin at 6pm.

For press inquiries, contact Tamara Walker at

To RSVP, contact Tanya Sotillo at

Shehu Fitzgerald

Winner of the Food Network’s Chopped, famed chef Shehu Fitzgerald, opened a new eatery in New York City. Located in Staten Island, Fitzgerald’s newest venture, the Phunky Elephant is a gastro pub specializing in high quality, fresh seasonal “Twisted American Cuisine.” Shehu will be hosting a grand opening event on Monday, June 24th at the pub which is located at 1271 Bay Street, Staten Island. Festivities begin at 6PM.



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