CLIENT PRESS: NASCAR’S Melissa Harville-Lebron on TWC Charlotte

Melissa Harville-Lebron, owner of NASCAR team E2 Northeast Motorsports, Inc., recently spoke with Time Warner Cable News North Carolina about making history and her team’s debut in May.


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Wise words courtesy of Chaundra Smith, founder of Naturally Me.


Here are some wise words from Naturally Me founder Chaundra Smith who is currently being featured in an online exhibit with the National Women’s History Museum. Congratulations!

CHANGE HAS COME TO AMERICA: Mr. Obama Goes to Washington

Thank you President Barack Hussein Obama. Thank you for being the realization of dreams of those past and the bearer of hope for the future. Your job will not be an easy one but you have the support of a nation behind you.

Yesterday we paid tribute to the dreamer and today, nearly 46 years later, we see the personification of Dr. King’s dreams with the free election of the son of a Kenyan immigrant as the 44th President of the United States of America.

We must continue the journey. We have a new leader at the helm to help us rebuild and remake this country. As President Obama says, “YES WE CAN!”