In June, E2 Northeast Motorsports (the first multicultural competitive racing team in NASCAR) made an appearance at the BODY SCULPT of New York Children’s Sports & Fitness Expo held at Brooklyn’s Boys & Girls High School.

Kids (and adults alike) got a chance to get up close and personal with the young racing team and its owner, Melissa Harville-Lebron and got a chance to sit behind the wheel of a real race car!

From Left to Right: E2 Northeast Motorsports Team: Eric Lebron, Tyler Gallup, Enico Lebron and team owner, Melissa Harville-Lebron

From Left to Right: E2 Northeast Motorsports Team: Eric Lebron, Tyler Gallup, Enico Lebron and team owner, Melissa Harville-Lebron


Sara Vargas of NovaStar Studio's Sara Rising.

Sara Vargas of NovaStar Studio’s Sara Rising.

New York-based Comic Studio Enlists Kickstarter to Help Launch Flagship Series

NEW YORK– A great story isn’t born…it’s nurtured– sometimes simmering in one’s mind for years, just waiting for the right moment when it can be shared with the world. Such is the case with Sara Rising, slated to be the flagship series for New York-based comic studio, NovaStar Studios ( Sara Rising will be released at Comic-Con New York in October. The studio announced today the launch of a fundraising effort to bring the series to life using social media platform, Kickstarter (

Sarah Rising is the story of a teenage girl named Sara Vargas, an alien bounty hunter, an adaptive bio-weapon, and the alien gangsters who badly want it back—perfect elements for a comic series. “The story of Sara Vargas is one of many we have in the pipeline,” said NovaStar’s Emilio Rodriguez. “We intend for the book to be an ongoing series. There is a definite end to the story but we aren’t sure how many issues it will take to get there…it’s hard work but we think it’s well worth it, as our goal is for people to want to come in and experience, enjoy and share in this world we’ve created”.

With a goal of $10,000, NovaStar’s Emilio and James Rodriguez (no relation) have enlisted the help of Kickstarter for the comic’s birth. The money raised will go toward covering printing and production costs of the first and second issues, the costs of attending Comic-Con New York, and marketing costs. To view the details of the campaign, or to donate, visit


NovaStar Studios is a New York-based commercial illustration studio that is also an outlet for other artists to present their work. A Latin-based studio, NovaStar was founded in 2001 by James Rodriguez as a single proprietorship studio. Over time, James expanded the studio to include other artists to give potential clients a wider range of talent to choose from.  The studio provides services including: Art Advertising, Commercial Illustration, Story Boards, Conceptual Design, Comic Art and Digital Pre-Press Set Up. For more information about NovaStar Studios, visit



Eco-Social Conscious Fashion Brand To Host Eye-Opening Discussion on Relationships and Their Impact on the Spread of HIV in Communities of Color

NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 17, 2010 – Verneda White, Founder and Creative Director of Human Intonation (, the premium , unisex apparel brand dedicated to raising awareness and funding for social and human rights issues, announced today that the brand will host its first coed HIV forum to address how the dynamics of today’s male-female relationships are impacting the HIV epidemic among women of color. The event, entitled“Protection is the NEW Black: Sex, Love + Lies in the Age of HIV,” coinciding with World AIDS Day, will take place on Thursday, December 2nd at the Dwyer Cultural Center in New York City.

“With this forum, I want to breakdown the idea people often carry that HIV/AIDS is someone else’s problem and it will never happen to me,” said White.  “My goal is to have at least one person come out of the forum firmly decided that having unprotected sex is something he or she is no longer willing to do. It is a powerful thing when a person (particularly women) feels empowered to reach that point. There was a time when I was willing to have unprotected sex, putting myself at risk even after my cousin died of AIDS at the age of 22, and now I am no longer willing to do so.”

Human Intonation has been waging a campaign to raise awareness and funding for HIV/AIDS prevention through the brand’s on-going series of “Women 2 Women HIV Roundtable Discussions” where women from all walks of life and organizational leaders were challenged to ask themselves the hard questions like “Why are we [women] having unprotected sex?” and to discuss real life experiences, life lessons, and “ah ha” moments that help to make tangible the idea of empowering women to insist on using protection each and everytime in the fight against the  disease plaguing minority communities. Protection Is The New Black is the first time that Human Intonation will bring in a coed audience.

White, along with national and local partners including the African American Coalition Against AIDS (AACAA), the New York City Department of Health,Lifebeat, Xi Magazine, NAACP, Naked with Socks On, Vera Moore Cosmetics, and One Condoms, have gathered a diverse group of guests and co-moderators to lead the breakout discussion.  The panelists for this event include:

  • Dr. Monica Sweeny, Assistant Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene,    Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control
  • Professor David Hughes, President, Global World Solutions, Inc. (GWS)
  • Hydeia Broadbent, International HIV/AIDS activist and motivational speaker
  • Chris Kazi Rolle, Founder of Together Apart, Conversations About Dating, Sex and Relationships
  • Slim Jackson, Author of Three Ways to Take it and Single Black Male

Suggested donations from Protection Is the NEW Black will benefit Human Intonation’s non-profit partner, Advocates For Youth (, in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

In addition to the panel discussion, Human Intonation will also host a brief fashion presentation showcasing its latest collection as well as hosting a screening of the short film “Close Call” written by Okema T. Moore and Universal for Laam King Entertainment. A wine reception follows the panel discussion.

For more information about the event and Human Intonation’s Women 2 Women series, contact Verneda Adele White at or 917.379.7917.


Inspired by Verneda White’s personal family experience during Hurricane Katrina and the loss of her very close cousin James Wesley White, Jr. to AIDS, HUMAN INTONATIONTM is the NEW premium, unisex apparel brand dedicated to raising social awareness while giving 20% of the proceeds from each sale to growing non-profits addressing three of today’s pertinent social & human rights issues. Our original tees, tanks, and dresses support youth & minority HIV/AIDS prevention, volunteer efforts in rebuilding the Gulf Coast, education for children in Darfur, and most recently the citizens of Haiti. Our brand donates to three non-profit partners including Advocates for Youth, Hands On New Orleans, and the Darfur Peace & Development Org respectively. The power in Human Intonation is that we are able to use fashion as a platform for inspiring people to start the conversation about these issues in a way that can change perceptions, change choices, change lives.

For more information, visit