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Super Hussy Media Announces the Launch of the Online Shop

BROOKLYN, NY – NOVEMBER 23, 2009 –   Super Hussy Media (, the Brooklyn-based entertainment firm dedicated to the empowerment of black women and girls, announced the launch of its online shopping portal, The Super Hussy Shop.  

Super Hussy, whose format mirrors that of a comic book, born of founder Aiesha Turman’s childhood heroine, Wonder Woman; the Shop features merchandise with which have been designed specifically to teach and to inspire. 

“It is my hope that through my contributions,” says Turman, “that black young women and girls will be able to understand and recognize that they are an integral part of cultures worldwide. It is also my hope that I can the diversity of knowledge by, for, and about black women that uplifts and empowers.”

With a background in education and a particular focus on Women’s Studies, Aiesha has created products that can double as teaching aides (for both elementary and high school age children) and collector’s gifts. The one-of-a-kind merchandise includes a trading card pack called the League of Legendary Ladies. The first pack in a series of cards that showcases black women (some famous, others not) who have been trailblazers for and at the forefronts of their chosen fields. The front of each 3.5 x 2 inch card contains an image, while the back contains a brief biography. The introductory pack of cards includes Shirley Chisholm, Katherine Dunham, Marian Anderson, Althea Gibson and Nella Larsen. Each month, a new pack of trading cards would be featured with a new profile.

Also featured is the 60-page From Anna to Zora, a graphic novel-esque compilation of notable black women which serves as an introduction to the depth and diversity of their talents and contributions to not only American, but world culture.

Created as a motivational tool, You! The Most Important Person in the World (officially to be released on December 15, 2009) is the updated and more comprehensive version of the original, free e-book and is packed full of information and useful, tangible tools to help young women and girls reach their full potential. Styled like a magazine, You, has dozens of clickable links that take readers to exciting destinations on the Internet, all designed, to enlighten, entertain and inform. Both books were penned by the founder herself.

Rounding out the featured merchandise are collectible postcards with vintage imagery of Black Women as both embodiments of all things sexy (with the Pin Up Girl Postcard) and strong (We’re in the Army Now postcards).

A companion to the Super Hussy site, the online store provides the perfect tools to the continued education and progress of Black women and girls as they grow and become empowered through the realization of their great achievements throughout history.



Super Hussy Media is independently owned, written, edited and designed by filmmaker and writer, Aiesha Turman.  A strong believer in the empowerment of young women and girls, particularly those of color, Aiesha created Super Hussy as a means to explore black life as it related to the female gender across place, class, time and sexuality. The site focuses on projects that are intensely personal and through them, hopes to shed light on the contradictions, triumphs, perils and beauty that is black womanhood.

Utilizing traditional and emerging media as tools for investigation, Super Hussy Media engages in frank dialogue surrounding the issues of race, class, gender, spirituality and sexual orientation and the roles they play in the lives of black women and girls through the use of women and families, both historic and contemporary. By illuminating the hardships, struggles and complexities of black womanhood, Super Hussy Media seeks to change the paradigm through which black women are viewed and ultimately, how they view themselves.

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